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Drug and Alcohol Testing

Drug Testing Offers Piece of Mind

Injury Care Associates can deliver a wide range of drug and alcohol testing services unique to your workplace. With standard drug testing protocols and customizable testing specific to your requirements, we are here to serve you while keeping your workplace safe and free of drugs and alcohol. We partner with multiple laboratories, third-party administrators and vendors to ensure that we have options to meet your needs. 

With rapid testing performed in-clinic, negative results for many of our drug testing options are available within minutes of the specimen collection and results can be emailed directly to you and stored in a HIPAA compliant online database. 

Injury Care Associates drug and alcohol technicians are certified to perform Federal (DOT) and Non-Federal (non-DOT) drug and alcohol collection services. Additionally, our facilities conform to Department of Transportation requirements. Our testing facilities contain locking toilet tanks, blue tamper-evident water in the collection bays and hand-washing stations that are outside the specimen donation area. 

Our facilities strive to provide our clients with the highest quality, accurate, and cost-effective testing performed with the integrity our clients require. We also focus on providing your employees with the highest level of service and efficiency possible in order to make sure their experience at Injury Care Associates reflects well on our clients.

Why Employee Drug and Alcohol Testing is so Important

Whether it is part of your new hire process or routine workplace safety drug and alcohol testing is important. It reduces risk on job injury ensuring a safe workplace. Drug use by employees increases the risk of accidents, which can increase the number of workers compensation claims; so employers must do everything they can to reduce this risk. In Colorado, with the permitted recreational use of Marijuana, it can be hard for a company to determine if a drug test is still relevant.

Drug-Free Workplace is About Saftey

As an employer, you have the right to ensure that your employees are not operating equipment or working well under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Which is why Injury Care Associates want to help you and your employees stay safe.  As a client you may have different drug policies and or testing needs, so we offer a variety of options when it comes to testing:

  • 4 Panel UDS (THC (marijuana), cocaine, opiates, and methamphetamine.) Instant Results
  • 5 Panel UDS (THC (marijuana), cocaine, opiates, PCP and methamphetamine.) Most Common
  • 7 Panel UDS  (THC (marijuana), cocaine, opiates, PCP, barbiturates, benzodiazepines, phencyclidine, and amphetamine.) 
  • 9 Panel UDS   (THC (marijuana), cocaine, opiates, PCP, barbiturates, benzodiazepines, phencyclidine, quaaludes, propoxyphene, and amphetamine.) 
  • 10 Panel UDS
  • Breath Alcohol Screening 

Denver Occupational Health Medical Center for Workers Comp Injuries

2490 W. 26th Ave., Building A, Suite 5 Denver, CO 80211

(303) 531-4144 Closed Opens at 7:00am



9351 Grant Street, Suite 600 Thornton, CO 80229

(720) 531-8377 Closed Opens at 7:00am



19284 Cottonwood Dr., Suite 104 Parker, CO 80138

(720) 409-0007 Closed Opens at 7:00am


Frequently Asked Questions about Drug and Alcohol Testing

  • Can I legally be required to enforce drug testing?

    Yes. If your company is employed by the federal government or regulated by the Department of Labor or Department of Transportation most likely you have to perform regular drug testing of your employees. 

Back to work, Back to life

At Injury Care Associates our care focused Occupational Medicine puts patients first.

Parker Clinic

19284 Cottonwood Dr., Suite 104 Parker, CO 80138

(720) 409-0007 Closed Opens at 7:00am


Thornton Clinic

9351 Grant Street, Suite 600 Thornton, CO 80229

(720) 531-8377 Closed Opens at 7:00am