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On-Site Services

What are On-Site Services?

Injury Care Associates On-Site Services have been designed to meet the needs of Colorado workers and employers. With a focus on delivering the highest quality medical services, in the most convenient way possible, Injury Care Associates has expanded our services directly to Colorado job sites.

On-Site Services covers 3 primary areas of service; Triage, First Aid, and Employee Health.

Our Triage Services puts you directly in contact with a Registered Nurse that is trained in triaging injuries and recommending the most appropriate location for services to be delivered*. In the event that an injury is minor enough to be addressed with First Aid, our team can come directly to your job site. Wherever your workforce is located, Injury Care Associates' team is here to serve you. 

* In the event of an emergency, always contact 911 immediately.

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On-Site Services: In Depth

On-Site Overview

Injury Care Associates has expanded our services directly to the job site. We are bringing high-quality medical services directly to Colorado workers and employers.

Our team of Registered Nurses, specialized in the identification and treatment of First Aid injuries, are well equipped to provide services wherever your workforce is located. With a focus on partnering with patients and employers, our team strives to provide First Aid services in a convenient and timely manner. By bringing our mobile clinic to your workplace, we save employers time and money by addressing minor and non-recordable injuries.

Most injuries that occur at the workplace are minor and can be addressed quickly and efficiently on-site. With emergency room and urgent care prices and wait times rising, our team of Registered Nurses can evaluate and provide First Aid treatment on-site at a lower cost in a more convenient manner. We are able to provide services immediately at the job site or a central designated workplace.

In addition to responding to the workplace to address minor injuries, our team can assist employers in identifying the severity of the injury. When necessary, our team will direct the employer on where to get the most appropriate level of care. In the case of a severe injury, employers should always contact 911 immediately or seek treatment at the nearest emergency department.

After evaluating the patient and their injury, our Registered Nurse will determine if First Aid treatment is appropriate. If at any time the Nurse feels more support is needed, they will coordinate treatment with an Injury Care Associates physician. When necessary, they will direct the patient to seek additional treatment at a nearby facility.

The team of medical professionals at Injury Care Associates puts the medical needs of the patient front and center. By providing timely response directly to the workplace, the capabilities to coordinate treatment with physicians and local facilities, Colorado workers and employers know they have a partner they can trust in Injury Care Associates.

By having your workplace injury evaluated by trained Occupational Medicine personnel experienced in workplace injuries and treatment, you ensure you do not incur any out-of-pocket costs or have a work-related claim processed through your private medical insurance.

Having personnel trained in delivering
First Aid can limit the time you miss from
work for minor injuries to get you Back to Work, Back to Life.

  • Triage Services

    When an injury occurs, getting to the right facility is as important as getting the right treatment. Where a patient receives treatment makes a big difference in the treatment the patient receives, and the cost and duration of the treatment.

    Injury Care Associates Triage Services puts you directly in contact with a Registered Nurse trained in assessing injuries and providing recommendations for where to receive treatment. In the event of an emergency, always call 911 immediately. For non-emergent situations, our team of nurses is available to help direct you to the most appropriate facility to address your needs in a timely and cost effective manner. For minor injuries and illness, our team can respond to you directly, providing immediate and convenient care.

  • First Aid Services

    Specializing in treating injuries is what Injury Care Associates is all about. It's right there in our name. Not all injuries require a trip to the emergency room or a doctor's office. In fact, most injuries can be addressed quickly and in a cost-effective manner by a trained professional, right at the job site. By staffing our on-site services with Registered Nurses trained and experienced in evaluating injuries and providing immediate treatment, patients and employers receive high-quality care without ever having to leave the job site. We know injuries can be expensive, both in terms of cost of treatment and time it takes the patient and employer. Let our team bring industry-leading service and medical care to you.

    Common First Aid Services Include:
    • Slip and fall injuries
    • Laceration repair
    • Neck and back strain
    • Shoulder sprain
    • Knee sprain
    • Ankle sprain
    • Wound care
    • Burns
    • Eye flush for foreign bodies
    • Insect bites and stings
  • Employee Health Services

    At Injury Care Associates, we realize that time away from work costs both patients and employers. By making select services available to be completed at the job site we are re-affirming our commitment to being the best partner possible to Colorado workers and employers.

    Delivering services on-site saves time and money while strengthening the relationship Colorado employers have with Injury Care Associates.

    Common On-Site Employee Health Services include:
    • Post-accident drug and alcohol testing
    • OSHA Respirator Clearance
    • Respirator fit testing
    • Vaccination services

Let our team of medical professionals partner with you to get your employees the care they need right away.


If you have a question that we did not answer above or want to learn more about how Injury Care Associates can help your business with providing worker's compensation benefits, complete the form on the right or call Injury Care Associates clinic that is close to you listed below.

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